Author: Maria Browne

Affordable Housing

Gorey has once again become an attractive market for Dubliners because it is a 60-minute off-peak drive from the city centre along the M11, a 40-minute drive from the M50, and is on the rail line, the journey to Connolly Station takes approximately 2 hours. “During the last boom, Dublin commuters were the mainstay of […]

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Why Choose Gorey?

A powerful RTE video on life in Gorey, Co. Wexford describes Gorey as “one of the most vibrant rural towns outside of Dublin” Located in the sunny south east, the town of Gorey has a lot more to offer than just the sunshine, with a population of over 10,000 – this number swells to 40,000 […]

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Ed Sheeran on living in Wexford

Ed Sheeran speaks honestly with British-Irish TV host Dermot O’Leary about his love for the Emerald Isle and encourages people to live in Wexford.  He talks about his deep connection to Ireland and why it’s the perfect place for British tourists to visit, assuring fans and prospective visitors that Ireland is the ideal destination.

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